How to choose a high-quality film capacitor manufacturer for new energy manufacturing?

With the continuous expansion of the new energy market, the overall scale of the film capacitor market at home and abroad has been greatly increased. According to statistics, the current domestic film capacitor market scale has reached 10 billion yuan, and there is still a continuous upward trend. It is expected that the film capacitor market scale will develop to a new peak within two years.

As the most important passive component in electronic circuits, film capacitors play a key role and have been widely used in high-voltage inverters, power stations, new energy vehicles, high-speed railway, and smart grids and many other fields. Judging from the current market demand for film capacitors, the film capacitor market is still promising.

As a leader in the film capacitor industry, BM Capacitor has a good development trend. It is worth mentioning that BM Capacitor has the courage to try and innovate, and has successfully created polypropylene film capacitors with stable performance and excellent technology, breaking the monopoly of the film capacitor industry and injecting fresh vitality into the film capacitor market.

How can BM Capacitor stand out from such a competitive film capacitor market? And why should we choose BM Capacitor?

1.Seize market opportunities and realize industrial upgrading

Under the trend of new energy, the internal competition in the film capacitor industry is more intense. BM Capacitor took the initiative to seize development opportunities and overcome difficulties, and successfully developed polypropylene film capacitors with high technical content, excellent performance and wide application.

Once BM Capacitor’s polypropylene film capacitors were launched, they were widely praised by the market, and the market demand increased steadily. BM Capacitor becomes a rising star in the film capacitor market and occupies a strong share in the middle and high end film capacitor market.

2. Breakthrough in R&D and master core technology

BM Capacitor has laid a solid foundation with 20 years of technology accumulation, and constantly introduces foreign cutting-edge technology and actively develops new products. At present, it has become the leader of film capacitors in China, and has formed a strong core competitiveness in the global middle and high-end film capacitor market.

Technology is always the first important point of production. BM Capacitor actively explores a new direction of film Capacitor development, breaks through the existing bottleneck, and successfully creates a polypropylene film Capacitor with high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, stable performance and self-healing, which provides a new direction for the development of film Capacitor industry.

3. Comprehensive upgrade of equipment to boost production capacity

The new energy boom is unstoppable, and the market demand for film capacitors is continuing to expand. At present, the market has shown the phenomenon that the production capacity cannot meet the demand, which is a test for the upgrading and research and development of film capacitors. In order to meet the market demand, BM Capacitor brings high-tech talents, comprehensively upgrades the polypropylene film capacitor production line to help increase production capacity. While ensuring the steady growth of output, BM Capacitor also controls the quality of our products and provide users with more cost-effective polypropylene film capacitors.

BM Capacitor’s polypropylene film capacitors are rising strongly in the market. BM Capacitor is the first choice for purchasing polypropylene film capacitors. BM Capacitor masters the core technology and is naturally more trustworthy. The new energy industry is the future direction of human beings, especially the trend that new energy vehicles are gradually moving towards the world. The demand for new energy vehicles in China, the United States, and Europe is growing rapidly. The new energy vehicle industry chooses good quality, large R&D investment, and price. The low-cost Chinese film capacitor brand BM Capacitor is actually a very reliable choice to help the rapid development of new energy vehicle manufacturing!

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