How to choose high voltage resonance film capacitors?

BM high voltage resonance film capacitors

According to market statistics, capacitors are the most used electronic components in circuit systems, accounting for 40% of all electronic components and 66% of passive electronic components. Capacitors are an extremely important part of the circuit system, and their quality needs to be paid attention to.

In recent years, high and new technology has developed rapidly, and its development trend has further accelerated the research and development speed of domestic capacitor enterprises. The problem of supply shortage in the capacitor market has brought new investment opportunities for businessmen, promoted the upgrading of the capacitor market, and filled the huge supply gap in the capacitor market.

The reason why the use of film capacitors has risen rapidly in a short period is closely related to the promotion of new energy and the popularity of photovoltaics. Fundamentally, the main reason is that film capacitors have a wide range of applications and have excellent and reliable performance. The popularity of high-frequency electrical appliances has put forward more stringent requirements on the voltage and output power of the circuit system, especially higher standards for its voltage and shock resistance performance.

To meet the market demand for high-frequency capacitors, BM Capacitor has invested a lot of material and financial resources to independently develop and produce High voltage resonance film capacitors with better high-frequency performance, filling the market gap. BM Capacitor’s High voltage resonance film capacitors not only have high-frequency performance several times higher than other film capacitors but also have stable output, providing a smooth-running energy supply for circuit systems.

Why do High voltage resonance film capacitors make BM capacitors shine in the world?

1. BM Capacitor has a strong talent pool and technical support

BM Capacitor not only has the world’s most advanced production lines but also brings together a group of high-quality talents. Independent research and development of qualified High voltage resonance film capacitors require strong technical support. The team masters the core thin-layer technology and firing technology to produce film capacitors, providing a realistic basis for the development of High voltage resonance film capacitors. BM Capacitor can successfully develop High-frequency resonant film capacitors with stable and excellent performance are enough to prove that they have the most advanced production technology.

2. The good reputation of BM Capacitor has established a good brand image for it

BM Capacitor has established a good brand image in the film capacitor market with its good reputation accumulated in production technology, product quality, and after-sales service for more than 20 years. BM Capacitor is well-known in the domestic and foreign capacitor market for its wide variety of film capacitors, good quality, high reputation, and excellent service. It has won the recognition of many users and has become a loyal partner of many international electrical appliance brands, such as Midea, Haier, LG, etc…

3. BM Capacitor supports personalized customization to fully meet user needs

BM Capacitor not only has rich experience in product research and development, but also its professional team can provide customers with “one-stop” customized solutions for film capacitors and solve problems for users. Once the plan is established, BM Capacitor will quickly put into automatic production, strictly follow ISO and IATF standards to control the quality of High voltage resonance film capacitors and ensure that the production process of each film capacitor will be delivered to users after strict quality control.

Industrial upgrading has driven the demand for High voltage resonance film capacitors to rise. When purchasing High voltage resonance film capacitors, look for BM Capacitor, which has a good reputation and is of course more trustworthy!

The relevant product parameters of High voltage resonance film capacitors can be found at, welcome to buy, BM Capacitor looks forward to being your most loyal partner!

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