What is the trend of polypropylene film capacitor market?

The demand for film capacitors is continuing to rise as the new energy industry surges.  China is the largest market for film capacitors and is growing much faster than the global market. From the data related to the film capacitor industry in 2021, it can be seen that due to the impact of rising raw materials and technical bottlenecks, film capacitors may continue to be in short supply.

What is the trend of polypropylene film capacitor supply market?

Overall, the demand for film capacitors in both the global capacitor market and the domestic capacitor market is steadily increasing over the seven years from 2014 to 2021. Taking the Chinese market as an example, the new energy field has become a new engine for the growth of the film capacitor industry, and the new energy business accounts for more than 50% of the total revenue of the capacitor industry. Where there is a market, there is demand. China’s polypropylene capacitors occupy a large share in the world and are in an important position in terms of supply and demand. Therefore, it is predicted that the polypropylene capacitor market will develop rapidly in 2022.

Why is the market demand for film capacitors showing an upward trend?

The reason lies in the unique advantages of film capacitors. In the final analysis, new energy is still circuit-driven, while film capacitors are components made of two close and mutually insulated conductors to achieve the purpose of storing charges. It plays an important role in the circuit, such as tuning, filtering, coupling, bypassing, and energy conversion, and is an indispensable component.

Film capacitors play an important role in DC support, buffering, filtering, etc. in energy conversion circuits. They have high insulation resistance, excellent frequency characteristics, high reliability, and low dielectric loss during use, which can extend the life of the capacitor. In addition, it is worth mentioning that film capacitors have super self-healing properties, which can be automatically repaired when the circuit is abnormal.

Film capacitors made of different materials have special characteristics, and film capacitor are currently the most popular on the market. Since the second half of 2020, China has gradually increased its investment in new energy. The amount of polypropylene film used in the new energy industry has continued to rise and hit new highs. BM Capacitor polypropylene film capacitors ushered in new development opportunities.

The quality of film capacitor material directly affects its operating efficiency. BM Capacitor uses metallized polypropylene film as the dielectric to produce polypropylene film capacitors with low high-frequency loss, low dielectric absorption, strong reliability, and good self-healing properties. Breaking the original market pattern, it provides the best choice for users to buy film capacitors.

BM Capacitor polypropylene film capacitors received widespread attention in the industry as soon as they were launched. BM Capacitor strictly controls the production process of polypropylene film capacitors and strives to achieve refined workmanship and high-quality finished products. To increase product supply, BM Capacitor has upgraded the production chain in an all-around way and has a dedicated quality control department. Each product is screened at different levels before being delivered to users.

After years of technical research, BM Capacitor has mastered the core evaporation plating and slitting processes and has successfully developped film capacitor with high-temperature resistance and high voltage resistance. This polypropylene film capacitor can be used in many extreme high-temperature and high-voltage environments, and its self-healing performance can continue to escort the normal operation of the circuit.

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