How much do you know about DC-link capacitors?

best dc link capacitors for power inverters
DC-Link Capacitor

DC-link capacitors are widely used in important fields such as new energy, solar power, railways and so. How much do you know about DC-link capacitors with such a wide range of applications?

1. What is a DC-link capacitor?
DC-link capacitors are usually used in circuit systems as buffers between power converters, which not only undertake the function of saving the electrical energy required in the circuit system but also discharge when necessary, which is the normal operation of the circuit system. The operation provides sufficient power support.

2. Why do we need DC-link capacitors?
The DC-link capacitor can provide support for the DC voltage and absorb the ripple current. The purpose is to achieve the purpose of stabilizing the voltage and current and providing stable energy support for the circuit system running.

DC-link capacitors have been widely popularized owing to the fast development of new energy products. Take new energy vehicles as example, DC-link capacitors play an important role in load balancing energy storage devices. The normal operation of the DC-link capacitor can maintain the stable voltage required by the circuit system.

A circuit system without a DC-link capacitor cannot operate normally. In order to ensure the good operation of the circuit system, a DC-link capacitor with excellent performance is required.

3. What are the outstanding advantages of DC-link capacitors?
With the rapid development of science and technology, the market’s requirements for DC capacitors have also increased. Low-efficiency DC-link capacitors are constantly being phased out by the market, and now the best-selling DC-link capacitors are made of low-loss polypropylene Dielectric. DC-link capacitors made of this material have more excellent performance and longer service life.

The outstanding advantages of DC-link capacitors are as follows.

1st Design a metal case with a heat sink. So the capacitor has better heat dissipation performance and can be applied in extreme environments.

2nd The metallized film has more outstanding resistance to high pressure and high temperature. And it also has a self-healing ability, making it more worry-free to use.

3rd The product has stable performance, high impact resistance, vibration resistance, and long life.

4. How to choose DC-link capacitors?
Choosing the right DC-link capacitor is very important so as to achieve the correct performance of the system. Each circuit system has different instantaneous power, voltage, and frequency. Naturally, the performance requirements of the capacitor are different as well.

When purchasing DC-link capacitors, it is necessary to consider the requirements of the circuit system for the rated voltage and working voltage of them. When selecting a film capacitor, a capacitor that meets these two voltage requirements should be selected.

Second, it needs to pay more attention to the capacitance of the capacitor required by the circuit system. And try to choose a capacitor with a larger capacitance to meet the power support required for the circuit system to operate at high speed.

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