Suggested Pin Length for PCB Capacitor

Some customers wonder what is the best pin length for PCB capacitor. Let’s show you our suggestions as below.

Let’s make the summary as below when making the bending pin operation for PCB board.

  • If you choose devices and jig during the operation, we suggest 6mm pin length is the best. It will save some tin.
  • If workers directly do this process without any jigs, suggested pin length keeps 8mm. It would be more convenient for the operation.
  • If capacitors pins are too long, tin will be wasted as well as the increased cost. PCB board appearance will be not good.
  • If capacitors pins are too short, it will be not easy to get the pin, which causes false welding or empty welding.
  • If in large current occasions, the capacitor pins shall be made according to the suggestions of professional capacitors engineers.

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