Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor VS Film Capacitor

Capacitors, as one of the three basic passive electronic components in the world, occupy a significant position in the electronic components industry. Looking at the global capacitor market, ceramic capacitors and aluminum electrolytic capacitors have been occupied half of the capacitor market share. With the rapid development of power electronics technology in recent years, the application and market share of film capacitors are becoming larger and larger. 

When comparing aluminum electrolytic capacitors and film capacitors, which capacitor type is more better and competitive? Let’s check from below aspects.

Capacitor typeElectrolytic capacitorFilm capacitor
Main raw materialsElectrolyte & Aluminum foilMetalized polypropylene film
High-temperature resistanceGeneralVery good
Withstand voltage1.15-1.2Un1.5-2.0Un
Current capacity20mA/μF200-1000mA/μF
Comparison of electrical properties

When comparing the aluminum electrolytic capacitor and film capacitor, it can be seen that aluminum electrolytic capacitors are suitable for general application, while film capacitors are for high temperature, high frequency, and high voltage applications.

The advantages of electrolytic capacitors lie in their large capacitance, small size, mature technology, and low price. However, its short service life and weak resistance to high temperature and pressure are also its fatal shortcomings.

The advantages of film capacitors are high voltage, high frequency, high-temperature performance, long life, high reliability, low ESR, and ESL, which can meet the application needs of the new energy industry. Although its cost is slightly higher than electrolytic capacitors, the life of film capacitors can reach 2 or 3 times that of aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

With the development of the new energy industry, film capacitors will continue to show great potential. It can be said that film capacitors are more suitable for high frequency and high voltage applications. Its lower ESR can achieve better ripple voltage and current processing ability, which greatly reduces its heat output. It has a wider operating temperature range and can operate normally in extreme environments for a long time. In addition, compared with electrolytic capacitors, the biggest characteristic of film capacitors is their self-healing ability. Polypropylene film can recover itself quickly even after a short breakdown. This greatly improves the reliability and service life of the system, so that the product can continue to operate normally.

Let’s come to conclusion, that aluminum electrolytic capacitors are more suitable for conventional application conditions, while film capacitors are much better for high temperature, high frequency, and high voltage application conditions.

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