How to Solve the Problem of Capacitor Temperature Rise

BM film capacitor

Capacitor temperature may rise too high due to long running time, improper capacitor selection, poor ventilation, medium aging, or increasing dielectric loss (Tan δ). Capacitor temperature rise will affect the life of the capacitor and eventually lead to capacitor damage.

How to solve this problem?

1. The ambient temperature of the capacitor should be strictly monitored and controlled during operation. To monitor the ambient temperature during operation, the thermometer should be installed in the place with the worst heat dissipation condition (two-thirds of the height of the capacitor), and the installation position should be convenient for observation.
2. If the capacitor temperature is too high, it should take necessary measures, such as ventilation and cooling.
3. If the capacitor temperature still cannot be controlled below 40℃ after taking measures, it should stop running immediately.
4. If the capacitor is abnormal, it should be replaced

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