How to Choose the Best Induction Heating Capacitor?

BM CAPACITOR induction heating capacitor

As an important application scenario in capacitors, the performance of induction heating capacitors plays a vital role in the normal use of induction cookers. With the increasing application of induction heating equipment, the higher requirements for the use of induction heating capacitors as well as electrical performance have been put forward. How much do you know about induction cooker capacitors?

1st What is an induction heating capacitor?
The heating of the induction cooker is completed according to the electromagnetic induction heating principle. In other words, it requires the conversion between electrical and magnetic. That’s why induction cooker capacitors are requested to complete such a set of heating conversion procedures.

BM Capacitors are the best film capacitor manufacturer to produce induction heating capacitors which include across-the-line interference suppression capacitor series, smoothing filter series, and high voltage resonance series capacitors.

2nd How to choose high-quality induction cooker capacitors?
High-quality induction heating capacitors are usually made of high-temperature-resistant polypropylene film. When we choose induction heating capacitors, the electrical parameters have to be paid special attention to. Actual working parameters shall be always considered as well.

Most three essential properties of high-quality induction heating capacitors are high-temperature resistance, high voltage resistance, and high current resistance.

Due to the extreme use environment of induction heating capacitors and long-term power standby, it needs to choose high-quality induction cooker capacitors to make sure excellent performance during normal operation.

If the high-temperature resistance of the induction heating capacitor is insufficient, it may lead to frequent faults in the working process and affect its normal use.

Meanwhile, high voltage resistance is also very important since the capacitor is usually applied in an extremely high voltage environment. If the product is unable to withstand high voltage, it will also increase the failure rate of the capacitors.

3rd How to choose the best quality induction cooker capacitor manufacturer?
How choose a trustworthy induction cooker capacitor manufacturer is a very distressing thing among so many new enterprises.

In such a flourishing era of the film capacitor industry, BM Guangdong Fengming has been focused on the development and manufacturing of metalized film capacitors for over 22 years. BM induction heating capacitors have occupied absolute market share and get high approvals for the most top and demanding customers like Midea, Gree, LG, and other famous world-known home appliance brands. Fast delivery for induction cooker capacitors can be made due to our fully automatic production and self-own metalized film workshop.

If you are looking at induction heating capacitors for your pending or new projects, please select BM Capacitor! It lets you buy with confidence and use it safely!

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