AKMJ-C – Single phase AC Filter capacitor (THB grade 85℃/85% R.H. 1000h Vr)

Widely used in wind power, solar power, welding machine, SVG/ SVC, power soft start, EV/HEV, locomotive, frequency converter, switching power supply, plating power supply, UPS, induction heating machine, and other kinds of electronic equipment.

  • Rated voltage range:     400 ~ 1300VAC
  • Capacitance range:        6.8µF ~ 820µF
  • Capacitance tol.:            ±5% (J), ±10% (K)

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  • Dielectric: polypropylene (MKP)
  • Plastic case (UL 94 V-0)
  • Epoxy resin sealing (UL 94 V-0)
  • Winding: non inductive type
  • Low losses with high current capability
  • Long lifetime
  • High reliability

Technical Parameters

Reference standard GB/T17702, IEC61071
Climate category 40/85/21
Operating temperature range -40℃~85℃
Storage temperature range -40℃~85℃
Rated voltage 400VAC~1300VAC
Capacitance range 6.8μF~820μF
Capacitance tolerance ±5% (J), ±10% (K)
Max. altitude 2000m
Max. torque of terminals M6 5Nm
M8 6Nm
Max. torque of installation 10Nm
Lifetime expectancy After 60000h at Urms, fN, 50℃, l∆C/Cl≤3%
Insulation resistance IR*CN≥5000S
Withstanding voltage between terminals and case 3000V AC (10s)
between terminals 1.5Un (10s/ 20±5℃)
tgδo 2*10-3 (100Hz,1V,20±5℃)


Why choose BM capacitor?

One of the largest metalized polypropylene film capacitor manufacturers in China;

Fast lead time  in the market due to vertical integration of raw-material supply and fully automation production-lines;

With world-class lab center, strong R&D research and self-owned film metallization technology;

Highly consistent quality products by strictly adhering to  ISO and IATF16949;

Proudly work with top brands in appliances as well as the leading power and new energy customers.



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