BM CAPACITOR mini size induction heater capacitor

Widely used for industrial induction cookers, industrial heating equipment, and other inductive heating devices.

  • Capacitance range:          0.01μF ~ 10μF
  • Capacitance tolerance:    ±5% (J), ±10% (K)
  • Rated voltage:                 275VAC (C1);  400VDC (C2);  1200VDC (C3)

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  • Specially designed for small power and ultra light induction heating device
  • High price/performance ratio
  • Suitable for the resonance, smoothing filter, and EMI circuits of electric stoves and ultra thin inducting heating cookers.



  • Dielectric: polypropylene (MKP)
  • The plastic case (UL 94 V-0)
  • Epoxy resin sealing (UL 94 V-0)
  • Winding: non inductive type


Technical Parameters

Reference standard 275VAC/400VDC: GB/T14472, IEC384-14, UL1283
1200VDC: GB/T3984.1-2004, GB/T3984.2-2004
Climatic category 40/105/21
Rated voltage 275VAC (C1);  400VDC (C2);  1200VDC (C3)
Capacitance range 0.01μF~10μF
Capacitance tolerance ±5% (J), ±10% (K)
Voltage proof between terminals 1.5*UR/ 10s
between terminals and case 2*UR+1000 (VAC) /60s (≥2000VAC)
Insulation resistance (20℃) between terminals ≥15000S, CR≤0.33μF   (100Vdc, 60s)
≥5000S ,   CR >0.33μF (100Vdc, 60s)
between terminals and case ≥30000MΩ                   (100Vdc, 60s)
Tangent of loss angle (20℃) ≤0.001  (1KHz)


Typical circuit


Why choose BM capacitor?

One of the largest metalized polypropylene film capacitor suppliers in China;

Fast lead time due to fully automatic production and vertical raw materials supply;

With world-class lab center, strong R&D research and self-owned film metallization technology;

Highly consistent quality products by strictly adhering to  ISO and IATF16949;

Proudly work with top brands  in appliances as well as the leading power and new energy customers.



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