How to Solve the Problem of Capacitor Temperature Rise

Capacitor temperature may rise too high due to long running time, improper capacitor selection, poor ventilation, medium aging, or increasing dielectric loss (Tan δ). Capacitor temperature rise will affect the life of the capacitor and eventually lead to capacitor damage. How to solve this problem? 1. The ambient temperature of the capacitor should be strictly … Read more

Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor VS Film Capacitor

Capacitors, as one of the three basic passive electronic components in the world, occupy a significant position in the electronic components industry. Looking at the global capacitor market, ceramic capacitors and aluminum electrolytic capacitors have been occupied half of the capacitor market share. With the rapid development of power electronics technology in recent years, the application and market share of film … Read more

What is the principle of explosion-proof safety film capacitor?

The metallized electrodes adopt tiny fuses structure like picture 1. If there is any failure during capacitor operation, the power supply is automatically cut off by disconnecting the micro-fuse. In this way, the failure can be prevented and self-safety protection realized. Different Staus of the Segmented Films Pic. 2 Normal Status of safety Film Pic.3 The red point is accident … Read more

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Suggested Pin Length for PCB Capacitor

Some customers wonder what is the best pin length for PCB capacitor. Let’s show you our suggestions as below. Let’s make the summary as below when making the bending pin operation for PCB board. If you choose devices and jig during the operation, we suggest 6mm pin length is the best. It will save some … Read more

What is ROHS?

RoHS: the Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. The regulation is a European Union (EU) ban on the use of six hazardous substances in electronic products entering Europe. In the RoHS standard, the maximum limits of six hazardous substances are: lead (Pb), mercury (Hg), hexavalent chromium (Cr6+), polybrominated … Read more

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Common Installation Methods of Fan Capacitor

According to customers’ different installation methods on products, BM Fengming capacitor can provide the following capacitor styles. BM ac motor capacitors are used for starting, running and adjusting speed.BM-Capacitor are widely applied in table tans, floor fans, ceiling fans, wall fans, luxury ceiling fans, exhaust fans, extractor fans, heater, smash paper machine, turbine, dehumidifier, etc. … Read more

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Box Plastic Film Capacitor vs Dipped Film Capacitor

Many engineers wonder what’s the difference between the plastic box film capacitors and dipped capacitors. Let’s study the difference for these two types film capacitors from three aspects. 1.Moisture resistance ability When the capacitors are applied in the high humidity or moisture environment, the dipped capacitors’ film element may be corroded by moisture, the metallized … Read more

How to choose high voltage resonance film capacitors?

According to market statistics, capacitors are the most used electronic components in circuit systems, accounting for 40% of all electronic components and 66% of passive electronic components. Capacitors are an extremely important part of the circuit system, and their quality needs to be paid attention to. In recent years, high and new technology has developed … Read more