What is the principle of explosion-proof safety film capacitor?

The metallized electrodes adopt tiny fuses structure like picture 1. If there is any failure during capacitor operation, the power supply is automatically cut off by disconnecting the micro-fuse. In this way, the failure can be prevented and self-safety protection realized. Different Staus of the Segmented Films Pic. 2 Normal Status of safety Film Pic.3 The red point is accident … Read more

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How to choose high voltage resonance film capacitors?

According to market statistics, capacitors are the most used electronic components in circuit systems, accounting for 40% of all electronic components and 66% of passive electronic components. Capacitors are an extremely important part of the circuit system, and their quality needs to be paid attention to. In recent years, high and new technology has developed … Read more

What is the trend of polypropylene film capacitor market?

The demand for film capacitors is continuing to rise as the new energy industry surges.  China is the largest market for film capacitors and is growing much faster than the global market. From the data related to the film capacitor industry in 2021, it can be seen that due to the impact of rising raw … Read more

BM Capacitor — Leader of polypropylene film capacitors

Capacitor, as the most indispensable passive component in the circuit system, plays an important role in the normal operation of the circuit system.  Capacitors store the electrical energy needed by the whole system, so to speak, the quality of the capacitor directly determines the operation efficiency of the circuit.  With the advancement of science and technology, the … Read more