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Best capacitor solutions can be always offered quickly due to BM world-class lab center, strong R&D research and self-owned film metallization technology

BM Polypropylene Film Capacitors

Driving technology for leading film capacitor brands

DC-Link Capacitors

Applied in high power filter applications like power inverter, motor drives and automative charger, etc

Snubber Capacitors

For high pulse and high frequency applications requiring extremely reliable contacts, like IGBT applications.

AC Filter Capacitors

Apply for inverter systems (AC/DC, DC/AC), motor drives, battery chargers, AC and harmonic filtering, power factor correction.

BM CBB61 AC Capacitor

AC motor capacitors for starting, running and adjusting speed. BM capacitors are widely applied in fans, air conditioners, heater, dehumidifier, printer, shower, etc.

BM EMI Capacitors

For interference suppression in AC line filtering applications. Consult BM for in series with the mains and severe ambient condition;

Induction heating capacitor

Mainly include across the line Interference Suppression capacitors, smooth filter capacitors and high voltage resonance capacitors;

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Why choose BM capacitor?

Strong R&D

Over 100 engineers, equipped with the rich knowledge on film capacitors and can always advise and impement solutions solving your problems.

advanced Test center

BM world-class equipped lab center can make tests for raw material and finished capacitors. IEC and AEC standards can be tested by our selves.

Consistent quality

Highly consistent quality capacitors can be realized with fully automatic production and strictly quality control adhering to ISO and IATF guidelines.

Metallized film technology

BM owns metallisation film department with 8 metallisers could ensure a fast lead time, stable quality and competitive cost for film capacitors.

solutions MADE EASY

Capacitor solutions can be made quickly not only for our standard polypropylene film capacitors, but also for your customized projects.


Fast delivery can be realized due to the fully raw materials vertical supply, automatic production and continous process improvement.

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bm midea fan capacitor, air conditioner capacitor

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