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DC-link capacitor – Epoxy filled, dry construction, metal case

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DC-link capacitor – Epoxy filled, dry construction, metal case         DC-link capacitor – Epoxy filled, dry construction, metal case

External codeBHCB2d


  • Long lifetime
  • High ripple current
  • Low ESR, Low Ls
  • Strong Self-healing
  • Be able to replace electrolytic capacitor in DC-Link circuits


  • Inverters for wind power and solar power
  • Vehicles, like electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles
  • SVG
  • Inverter, UPS, welding machines

Technical reference data

引用标准Reference standard GB/T17702,IEC61071
气候类别 Climatic category 40/85/21
工作温度范围 Operating temperature range -40~85℃
存储温度范围 Storage temperature range -40~85℃
电压范围 Voltage range 600~6000V.DC
容量范围 Capacitance range 400~10000μF
容量允许偏差 Capacitance tolerance ±5%(J)/±10%(K)
介质损耗角正切值tgδ ≤2×10-4(100Hz,1V,20±5℃)
耐电压Withstanding voltage 极壳 between terminal and case

Between terminal and case


UN≥1500VDC ,(2Ui+1000VAC,60S,50HZ, 20±5℃)



极间 between terminals

Between terminals

绝缘电阻 Insulation resistance IR×Cn≥5000S(at20±5℃ 100V.DC 60S)
过电压 Over voltage 1.1Un 30% of on-load-dur.
1.15Un 30min/day
1.2Un 5min/day
1.3Un 1min/day
1.5Un 100ms every time,1000times during the life of the capacitor
最高使用海拔 Max.altitude 2000m
最大电极扭距 Max. torque of terminals M6:5N·m M8:6N·m
预期寿命 Lifetime expectancy 100 000h(Un,θhs=70℃)
失效率 Failure rate 50FIT

The effect of altitude on convection cooling and external insulation should be taken into consideration, if the altitude exceeds 2000m.


UnCn外形编码 External CodeESR@1KHzLsRthIrms@45 ℃ 10KHzPart number 品号
(V . DC)( μ F)(m Ω )(nH)(K/W)(A)
8003000F11.37< 1200.981101GLZ830D800--
4500F21.08< 1200.741401GLZ845D800--
6000F30.93< 1200.591601GLZ860D800--
10001700F11.7< 1200.981001GLZ817D1600--
2600F21.28< 1200.741301GLZ826D1600--
3500F31.08< 1200.591501GLZ835D1600--
12001200F11.92< 1200.98901GLZ812D1200--
1800F21.44< 1200.741201GLZ818D1200--
1600680F12.37< 1200.98801GLZ768D1600--
1000F21.77< 1200.741101GLZ810D1600--
1350F31.44< 1200.591301GLZ8135D1600--
1800550F12.56< 1200.98801GLZ755D1800--
800F21.92< 1200.741001GLZ780D1800--
1100F31.53< 1200.591301GLZ811D1800--
20001300G12.57< 1200.541001GLZ813D2000--
1700G22.2< 1200.441201GLZ817D2000--
2200G31.93< 1200.371401GLZ820D2000--
2400900G12.89< 1200.541001GLZ790D2400--
1200G22.42< 1200.441201GLZ812D2400--
1500G32.13< 1200.371401GLZ15D2400--
2800660G13.21< 1200.54901GLZ830D800--
880G22.66< 1200.441101GLZ830D800--
1100G32.32< 1200.371301GLZ830D800--

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