Explore BM capacitors for all kinds of appliances

Custom solutions to support the success of your project

BM offers a wide range of electronic components for consumer electronics and home appliances. Custom solutions towards the occasions of motor running, power circuits, filtering, and EMI can be offered very quickly.

Consumer and appliances applications

What we support


– Induction cooker

– Rice cooker

– Microvewave oven

– Air fryer

– Coffee machine

– Food processer


– Fans

– Air conditioner

– Heater

– Air purifier

– Dehumidifier

– Extractor hood

– Air compressor


– Smash paper machine

– Water pump

– Tubular motor

– Refrigerator

– Washing machine

– Printer

Capacitor solutions

Induction heating capacitors

BM induction heating capacitors are widely applied for industrial induction cooker, industrial heating equipment and other inductive heating devices.

AC film capacitor (for appliances and motor)

BM ac motor capacitors can be used for starting, running and adjust speed. It’s widelyused for table fan, floor fan, ceiling fan, wall fan, luxury ceiling fan, exhaust fan, extractor hood, heater, dehumidifier, mahjong machine, smash paper machine, etc.

Safety capacitor ( for interference suppression and capacitive divider)

BM MKP-X2, MKP-Y2 and box type CBB23 type metalized polypropylene film capacitors are widely used in home appliances, energy meter, electronic ballast, switch model power supply, electrical tool and many other appliances for the purpose of interference suppression, spark killer and capacitive divider.

Metallised polypropylene film capacitor ( dipped capacitor)

The dipped and axial capacitors are widely applied in the circuit of DC pulse, impulse, capacitive divider, filtering, resonance, ignition in various home appliance, audio, communication, lighting and many other appliances.

Our Difference.

Highly consistent quality

Highly consistent quality products can be realized with fully automatic production and strictly quality control adhering to ISO and IATF guidelines.

Fast delivery

Fast delivery can be realized due to the fully raw materials vertical supply, automatic production and continous process improvement.

22 years experience

As the leading MPP capacitor manufacturer in China, BM has been specilized in the development, manufacturing and sales of high quality capacitors for decades.

Custom solutions

With strong R&D, fully advanced testing center and own metallized workshop, custom solutions for capacitors can be offered quickly.

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