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Capacitor, as the most indispensable passive component in the circuit system, plays an important role in the normal operation of the circuit system.  Capacitors store the electrical energy needed by the whole system, so to speak, the quality of the capacitor directly determines the operation efficiency of the circuit. 

With the advancement of science and technology, the capacitor industry has developed rapidly, and film capacitors with more stable performance have emerged as the times require, and are widely used in electrical appliances, new energy vehicles, communications, electricity, photovoltaic, and many other fields. The film capacitors produced by BM Guangdong Fengming can not only accommodate the maximum charge but also have several excellent performances, providing sufficient and stable power sources for the normal operation of the equipment.

What are the advantages of BM polypropylene film capacitors?

1.Very excellent self-healing ability

The special material of polypropylene film capacitor makes it have a strong self-healing ability. What role can self-healing performance play in the normal operation of the circuit? According to statistics, since polypropylene film capacitors can achieve self-healing, the stability of circuit systems using polypropylene film capacitors as passive components is greatly improved.

BM polypropylene film capacitor has a strong self-healing function. When a dielectric short-circuit occurs, the metal conductor layer of the polypropylene capacitor rapidly generates high heat, causing the metal conductor around the short-circuit area to quickly escape, forming an insulation area, and restoring the capacitor function to the normal state. This new self-healing performance can effectively reduce the frequency of capacitor failure, which is conducive to better maintain the performance of the capacitor. 

2.High voltage resistance and high frequency characteristics

Capacitors are usually used in many high-voltage circuit systems. Once the circuit is connected, the instantaneous pressure will cause a certain impact on the capacitor. Polypropylene film capacitors have super high voltage resistance performance, and excellent high-frequency characteristics, and can still perform tasks well even if they are used in a continuous high voltage state.

BM polypropylene film capacitor has very excellent high voltage resistance and can stably realize high voltage DC power transmission commutation, which can fully meet the new energy field. BM film capacitor has stable performance, high efficiency and reliability.

3.High-temperature resistance and longer service life

Whether the service life of a capacitor is qualified depends largely on its high temperature resistance. Large capacity capacitors produce high heat rapidly when working, and it is difficult to dissipate heat, so high temperature resistance is particularly important. Therefore, the high temperature resistance of the capacitor must be strong enough to function properly in the extremely high temperature environment.

As extreme weather becomes more and more frequent, the high temperature resistance of capacitors must be paid attention to.  Under the condition of high temperature, the performance of the capacitor will be greatly affected, resulting in obvious attenuation phenomenon of the capacitor.  BM has released many series of THB capacitors to withstand high temperatures, even when used in extreme environments. 

We can see from the above advantages, BM Capacitor new research and development of film Capacitor, more stable and powerful performance!

Film capacitors dominate the entire capacitor industry with excellent performance. Excellent product quality naturally requires high-quality raw materials and superb production technology support. After 22 years of technology accumulation, BM capacitor has successfully built polypropylene film capacitors with stronger and more stable performance, injecting fresh vitality into the capacitor market.

With its excellent performance, BM Capacitor polypropylene film capacitors have become the most cost-effective choice for users. As a leader in the capacitor industry in China, BM Capacitor has provided a large number of high-quality film capacitors for the new energy industry, using its original core technology to promote the progress of the film capacitor industry! When purchasing polypropylene film capacitors, BM capacitor is the best choice.

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